maRu kanda aiyan (maarkkaNdEyan)

Creation and destruction are cycles in Indian mythology.Even gods fall asleep and rise again. Having been bestowed immortality by Siva, Maarkandeya saw the other side of nothingness (state of everything having been destroyed and repeat creation was yet to come): he was called மறு+ கண்ட+ ஐயன் = மறுகண்டையன், which term corrupted to மார்க்கண்டேயா. ஒன்றுமின்மையின் மறுபக்கம் அல்லது மறுமை கண்டவன் மார்க்கண்டேயன். The word, according to research, is Tamiz/Dravidian and not Indo-European in origin.
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